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Who’s in our team

We’re a group of engineers and biotechnologist, successful in our individual careers, bonded together to fill the void we’ve seen in the desi entertainment scene in Germany. In an effort to create a piece of our maternal home at our new home, we’re striving to normalize the display of sub-continental art, culture and entertainment in a foreign country.

Dr. Noman murtaza - Founding Face One

Face of Operations

He holds a PhD in radio frequencies, which enables him to masterfully tune into the heart’s perfect waves and frequencies. He has extensive experience producing theatre shows, music concerts, and distributing films across Europe. He serves as our primary motivator, manager, and mentor, embodying a calm, fatherly presence. He is a maestro organizer, a guide to growth in our endeavour, and a beating heart.

If you’re interested in working with us, he is the man to get in touch with. 

Adeel yawar jamil - Founding face two

Face of HR & Finance

He is an engineer, traveller, explorer, and theatre actor. A very direct, to-the-point person who is also open-minded in any conversation. He comes with experience in organizing numerous science talks all around the city on a regular basis. 

He handles all the finance and keeps us in check and most of the time within our limits. He also maintains our IT systems, in-house tools, and everything that keeps the world go round. 

Syeda Azka sehar jaffri - founding face three

Face of Marketing

She is a biotechnologist with a degree in mass communication. Legend has it that she can even talk to the Bees. That’s why she is our marketeer, planner and handles all our mass communications. When she is not working, she is active on her Instagram, Tiktok and sometimes acting in short movies and theatres. She is our also “hunterwali” (girl with the whip) to keep us “motivated”. If you are not motivated, you will be whipped into it. 

Team_Asif Nadeem

asif nadeem of Memon - Founding Face Four

Face of innovations

A geek at heart with innovations in mind. He loves combining art and technology. And loves to be involved in anything that sounds like mischief and seek out opportunities to cause a bit of harmless chaos. If it’s not fun, it’s not for him. He is looking to solve problems or create them first, and get things moving.

He works with all the faces to execute and create an experience of a lifetime for our audiences. experiences that are memories that they don’t own but live till they don’t. 

naima bint shahab

Face of Content Writing

Hailing from Pakistan but currently based in Stuttgart, Naima is a wizard with a pen. An occultist in the field of literature, politics and art. She may not have a crystal ball to look into the future, but she can rant about the past.She pens everything that she gets moved by and gets published by us, on her blog and sometimes in newspapers.

Read our blogs written by her on Pakistani society in our blog section. Also her independent stuff here: https://nbshahab.wordpress.com/

Talia Qureshi

Face of Social Media Strategy

If social media was a karate, she would be surely a bruce lee. A black belt in social media strategy who cant keep our all social media handles going from viral. She studied english literature and creative writing. So she can talk in english and walk in english. 

In her free time, she makes crotchets and sell them as part of her living. Beware that her knitted products are for rich only. If you are rich, find her on Instagram.  All of this is on her Instagram. 

Marhoom Ahmed Bilal

Face of media and content curation In Pakistan

He is an actor who started his career with the 2019 movie Ready, Steady, No. He is most known for his portrayal of Billu Butt in the Pakistani blockbuster “Teefa in Trouble” (2020).  His acting experience and a Law degree give him primary earnings as a Senior Partner of RBS Law Associates. Besides, he is a documentary filmmaker and a published Urdu poet.

He works to curate past and upcoming movies and films coming from Pakistan. He establishes and manages relationships that keep the European and Pakistan ties strong. 

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